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Posted by jason on October 4, 2013 at 12:15 AM

Tuesday August 28th 2012

Are you taking the right first actions?

3 Critical Simple Mistakes To Avoid If You Are Looking For A Windshield Repair

Taking the right first actions can stop the rock chip in your windshield from cracking out or spreading!. Here are a few tips on how to first react to a rock chip or crack in your windshield :

Stop your car Immediately

Place a clear scotch or packing tape flush over the damage on the outside of your windshield

Don't use your defrost or A/C in the vent that blows on your windshield

Call a Professional auto glass windshield repair provider

Are you choosing the right auto glass provider?

3 Critical Simple Mistakes To Avoid If You Are Looking For A Windshield Repair

What auto glass provider will do the right thing by you and your vehicles windshield?. Here are some things to consider when selecting an auto glass provider for your windshield repair :

Don't be fooled, use a company that only does windshield repair not replacement.

Find out about their certifications.

Look up their online reviews.

Search online for "Pissed off customer" "Scam" "Rip off" to see if their legit.

Are you taking the right first actions?

3 Critical Simple Mistakes To Avoid If You Are Looking For A Windshield Repair

Find out if your eligible to qualify for a free windshield repair. Find out what it takes to qualify for a free windshield repair and all the hub-bub behind it :

If you have comprehensive auto insurance with glass coverage 98% of all insurance companies waive your deductible and pay for the repair.

Its a no fault claim and does not negatively effect your insurance premiums. it helps insurance companies save money on expensive replacements, and those savings the pass on to their clients.

By law you can choose any provider you wish.

Your insurance company provides 3 repairs a year free

Friday August 10th 2012

Headlight Replacement vs. Restoration

Recently, we restored the headlights on a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix, 2005 Honda Accord,

and a 2006 BMW 525i. We looked into what

it would cost the customer to replace their headlights versus getting them restored.

Below are the results of a Google search for

aftermarket headlights and quotes from dealerships for the installation and purchase of

new headlights.


Aftermarket headlights online

2004 Pontiac Grand Prix $147.95 per set labor not included


2005 Honda Accord $146.95 per set labor not included


2006 BMW 525i $750.00 per set labor not included


Quotes from dealerships

2004 Pontiac Grand Prix $702 installed


2005 Honda Accord $685 installed


2006 BMW 525i $2,112 installed


Friday April 6th 2012

Do it yourself kits DIY with windshield repair or headlight restoration

Hello everyone, this is Jason from Windshield Wonder LLC, Im here to talk about do it yourself kits or also known as DIY windshield repair kits and headlight restoration kits. First we are going to look at DIY windshield repair kits. The problem with these kits are that they dont give you all the tools nessasary to complete the job to the correct specifications. When doing a windshield repair one must have a mirror to see if the resin is flowing out to the ends of the crack legs and to check the amount of air still inside the damage. Also one must have a probe to clean out any debris in the impact point to aid the flow of resin and produce the best possible cosmetic look of a windshield repair. The probe is also used to see if there is any water inside the damaged area as well as to see if there are any tight microfractures that cant be seen without focused pressure to the dammaged area. And last but not least aDIY kit dose not give you any of the wisdom and experiance to know and understand the complex nature of broken glass. If you use one of these DIY kits you most likley will not fill the damage correctly, and when the resin is cured it will block off most future attempts to repair the windshield damage by a professional windshield repairman. This situation will most likley cause the damage to your windshield to spread out over time causing the need for a costly windshield replacement. In short go with a professional windshield repair company and have the job done right the first time. If you are trying to save money, a professional windshield repair shop may be able to get you a free windshield repair through your comprehensive auto insurance policy. Call a Professional shop today to see if you qualify.

Next up is DIY headlight restoration kits. These DIY headlight restoration kits provide you with the bare minimum to accomplish the headlight restoration task. Most don't offer any protection for the polycarbonite plastic that moder headlights are made of. You see polycarbonite plastic has a chemical reaction to ultra-violet light from the sun. This reaction causes a yellowing, hazing, cloudy,or pealing effect on your headlights. Its the cause of the whole problem. See at the factory your automobile manufacturer applies a UV protectant clear coat to your headlight lenses. That clear coat gets worn down by road salts, asid rain, exaust, road debris, and so on till the factory clear coat has worne down enough for the sun's UV rays to start the chemical reaction. When this happens you get cloudy,hazy, yellow,or pealing headlights. With the DIY kits there is no proper UV protection reapplied to your headlight causing them to have that chemical reaction faster cause the is no protection, thats why DIY kits only last from a few days to a few weeks depending on the envriroment the car lives in. This causes consumers to go out in a few weeks to buy another kit again and again. It is far better and cost effective to have a professional headlight restoration shop or service that applies a UV clear coat restore your headlights and make sure they can at least provide a 1 year warranty on there work.

If your looking for professional mobile service in all of NJ, CT, DE, Long Island NY, or Phila PA

Call us AT 866-974-5390




Friday March 30th 2012

The FREE windshield repair

Hello everyone this is jason with Windshield Wonder LLC, I want to talk to you all today about a FREE or no cost to you windshield repair. Your first question is probably is it real. YES free windshield repair is real. Your automotive comprehensive insurance policy will waive your deductible and pay for the repair directly to the auto glass shop OF YOUR CHOICE, as long as the glass company you choose is insured. Now this Free windshield repair is possible because it actualy saves your insurance company money. The way it saves money is by not having to pay for costly replacements. Windshield repair is only a fraction of the cost of a windshield replacement , so naturally its a good idea for cost cutting. Also when you replace your windshield you devalue your vehicle because you have to break the factory seal on the windshield, this should only be done if the windshield is not repairable. Most auto insurance companies waive the deductible there are a few that don't. So if you have a crack or chip in your windshield You should call a professional windshield repair shop ASAP and see if you qualify for a FREE windshield repair through your comprehensive insurance policy


We offer FREE Windshield Repair

If your looking for professional mobile service in all of NJ, CT, DE, Long Island NY, or Phila PA

Call us AT 866-974-5390




Friday March 23rd 2012

What To Do Before You Call For A Windshield Repair

Before you decide what windshield repair company to use, you need to do your part, first things first, place a piece of clear plastic tape (like scotch or packing tape) over the damage on the outside of the windshield. This will keep water or other contamination out of the damage, as well as kepping wind pressure out if you have to drive the vehicle. This is no gaurantee that the damage wont spread, but it will help. This will also keep the damage clean and ready for a professional windshield repair man to do the best looking cosmetic windshield repair possible for you. Please do this if its a crack long or short, bulls-eye, star chip, half moon, combination chip, or any other type of windshield damage, always call a professional windshield repair shop first, before calling a replacement company. The replacement companies don't care if it can be repaired, even if they provide windshield repair too. They make 3 to 4 time as much for a windshield replacement. A windshield repair shop makes its money only on sucessful quality repairs and will do the best job possible to insure there is no need for a costly windshield replacement. and most important CALL A WINDSHIELD REPAIR SHOP ASAP. Dont wait thinking it might not spread, its not a matter of if but when! The damage to you windshield can happen on the next bump, the next time you turn on your a/c or heat, or defroster, or just plain old driving.


We offer Windshield Repair

If your looking for a professional windshield repair shop in NJ, Phila PA metro area, Long Island NY, CT or DE

Call Us At 866-974-5390

Friday March 16th 2012

8 Reasons Why You Should Repair Your Windshield Instead Of Replacing Your Windshield.


[1] Safety - Your windshield was installed at the factory with an ultra-tight bond that can never be duplicated. Because of this, a newly installed windshield can pop out during an accident and cause your airbags to

malfuntion, placing your family at great risk.

[2] Water Leaks - Because we don't remove your windshield, there is no chance of air or water leaks.

[3] Environment - Since windshield glass can't be recycled, millions and millions are piled up in our landfills.

[4] Experience - I have been repairing windshields for over 24 years.

[5] No Down Time - On most new windshield instalations, it's recommended that you don't drive the car for

48 hours and don't run it through a car wash for 2 weeks. But since our 30 minute repairs fully cure in 5 minutes, your free to drive the car right away - even through a car wash!

[6] 85% of all breaks can be repaired - I even repair and guarantee cracks up to 6 inches long.

[7] Lifetime Guarantee - For as long as you own your vehicle we guarantee the repaired area will not spread

and will pass state inspection, or we will refund the original price of the repair.

[8] It's Free! - Since most insurance companies will waive your deductable if you repair your windshield, you

save money.

We offer Windshield Repair

If your looking for a professional windshield repair shop in NJ, Phila PA metro area, Long Island NY, CT or DE

Call Us At 866-974-5390


Friday May 18 2012

How To Pick A Company To Repair Your Windshield

First and foremost pick a company that does repair and that does NOT do replacement. Most replacement shops want to do a replacement not a repair, cause they make more money from the job. A repair only shop will do its best to bring you the best quality repair possible because if they don't they will go out of business. Let's take Safelite for example. When they do a windshield repair they use a automated machine and the techs are not trained to work a damage to insure a proper professional windshield repair, cause they want it to spread so you will be traped into a replacement with them by the warranty you sign on the work order. Now Windshield Wonder llc does NOT do replacements but we partner with the best replacement companies around, for when we get a call about replacement or when we arrive at a job and find that the damage is way to far gone for a repair. But you are not bound by our warranty to use any of our partner replacement companies. Your warranty goes strait to you, to use with what ever replacment company you would like.

We offer Windshield Repair

If your looking for a professional windshield repair shop in NJ, Phila PA metro area, Long Island NY, CT or DE

Call Us At 866-974-5390

Friday November 30th, 2012

How to Handle When You Get a Windshield Damage in the Winter

When you get a chip or crack in your windshield in the winter months, special care must be taken. If not you may most likely be looking at an expensive windshield replacement. The first thing you should do when you notice a chip or crack in your windshield is quickly place a piece of clear scotch tape or clear packing tape flush over the damage on the outside of the windshield. This will insure no water or contamination gets into the damage causing a less then optimal cosmetic apperance for you repair, this process also keeps wind pressure from causing the damage to spread. Next NO MATTER WHAT DO NOT USE YOUR DEFROSTER. Any uneven change in tempature of the glass can cause the damage to run, leading to that all expensive windshield replacement. Lastly call a Windshield Repair Shop ASAP


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