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        Whether it’s a chip, star break, bull’s-eye, edge crack, or any other form of windshield fracture our trained technicians at Windshield Wonder, LLC can fix it.

        For your convenience we offer free mobile service and can repair your windshield or restore your headlights on the spot! A repair can save you time and money from a costly replacement. We also assist with insurance benefits to ensure you don’t pay a penny for yourwindshield repair.

        We specialize in repairing long-cracks up to 14 inches in length. Most auto glass repair or replacement companies do not have the training or experience to perform this difficult task. We perform windshield long-crack repairs day after day with quality results.

Our Warranty



        By using the best tools and resins on the market for your windshield repair and headlight restoration we offer the unbreakable Windshield Wonder. LLC guarantee. Our warranty covers windshield repairs from:


   · Guarantee not to crack out or spread for the time you own the vehicle

Our warranty for headlight restoration covers them from:

    · Losing their like-new appearance for the lifetime you own your vehicle.


      By choosing a windshield repair or headlight restoration you’re saving the environment!


  Windshields and headlights are not recyclable, every year thousands of windshields and headlights wind up in landfills and garbage dumps throughout our nation and taking up valuable space and polluting our environment.



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  for your windshield repair & headlight restoration needs.

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Free Windshield Repair


  Your windshield repair is FREE with qualifying comprehensive insurance! Most insurance companies will waive your deductible and cover the cost of the windshield repair. By doing this, your insurance company saves money by not having to replace your windshield. When your insurance company saves money, so do You. As more and more people choose windshield repairs over replacements, insurance companies lower premiums.

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